Whitefish Bay transfer dog finishing heartworm treatment

When 75 dogs were transferred from Whitefish Bay First Nation in October, 2015, two beautiful dogs were found to have heartworm. The Ontario SPCA took them in to give them the care they need and they are now coming close to the end of their treatment plans! Less than a month to go.

One of the dogs’ names is Vicky! Vicky is currently in a foster home while she receives treatment.

Vicky is sweet, gentle, and docile, and she took a while to learn that being petted was enjoyable. She’s learning what it means to play, and still doesn’t know what to make of toys. She does love her walks though, and chasing her foster mom! During her time in foster care she has blossomed into a more confident and social dog.

Vicky in her foster home, recovering from heartworm


Apr 14, 2016
by Emily Cook