8 Winter Care Tips for Pet Pigs

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pig outside in winter
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

When it comes to winter, pigs aren’t that different from people. Like people (and unlike most pets) pigs don’t have protective fur to keep them warm when the temperature drops. Pet pigs can get bored, feel reluctant to go outside, and like us, pigs also seem more susceptible to illness during the winter. Perhaps the most important similarity is that when it’s cold and dreary outside, both pigs and humans just want to bury themselves in a warm, cozy bed.

To make sure your pet pig stays happy and healthy this winter, check out these eight essential tips:

  • Cold check: Do not leave your pig exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Pigs can easily develop frostbite on their feet, tails and ears.
  • Heat protection: Protect your pig from indoor heat sources. Always use a protective screen for your fireplace and keep portable heaters away from your pig.
  • Outdoor shelter: If you have an outdoor pig, you’ll need an insulated shelter to protect against the elements. A proper shelter will keep your pig warm, dry and protected from drafts. Straw works well for an outdoor shelter. Replace bedding regularly to make sure it stays clean and dry.
  • Indoor bedding: Pigs love to snuggle up into their bedding. For indoor bedding options, you can use a warm dry blanket and pillows.
  • Water: Pigs should always have access to clean, fresh drinking water. Snow is not an adequate substitute for water.
  • Regular bathroom breaks: Make sure your pig goes to the bathroom regularly. Your pig may avoid going outside because of the cold weather, and as a result avoid the opportunity to go to the bathroom.
  • Indoor inspection: After coming in from the cold, dry your pig from head to toe, making sure its feet are also dry. If you came in contact with de-icing material outside, wash your pig’s feet thoroughly. Make sure you check your pig’s feet throughout the winter for signs of cracks or irritation.
  • Combat boredom: Pigs love a stimulating environment with room to explore and feed their curiosity. When it’s too cold to go outside, make sure you spend lots of quality time with your pig and keep their minds occupied with pet-safe toys.

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