A story of companionship and love: Wanda and Mr. B

by | Happy Tails |

In June, we commemorate World Pet Memorial Day, a time to remember the animals who have touched our lives and crossed over the rainbow bridge. This day offers a reminder of the love and joy our companion animals bring into our lives and the lasting impact they leave behind. 

In 2014, Wanda found herself adjusting to life in a new apartment after her divorce, facing the challenge of living alone for the first time in two decades. Having shared her life alongside furry friends for most of her years, she felt the absence of an animal companion to share her home and to greet her at the door. 

Wanda’s journey to companionship 

On July 5 of that year, her birthday, Wanda attended an Ontario SPCA and Humane Society adoption event with a friend. There, she hoped to find her purr-fect match. Among the many animals needing homes was Blake, an eight-year-old black cat who had been waiting almost three months for adoption after his previous family could no longer care for him. 

“He was taken out and put in my arms, and instantly snuggled into my neck,” says Wanda. “He kept head butting me, as if to say, ‘Just take me home already.’ So, I did!” 

Wanda renamed him Mr. B, finding the name Blake didn’t suit his majestic, panther-like appearance. From that moment, Wanda and Mr. B formed an inseparable bond, filled with nightly cuddles and warm welcomes at the door every day. 

Overcoming challenges together 

At the age of 10, Mr. B developed asthma but adapted well to using a puffer. When he turned 13, he was diagnosed with kidney disease and given only a year to live. Demonstrating their deep bond, Wanda administered saline solution to Mr. B every week, holding him gently as the treatment was given. Miraculously, Mr. B surpassed expectations and celebrated his 18th birthday. 

Honouring Mr. B’s memory 

To honour Mr. B’s memory when he passed away a month after his birthday, Wanda held a special ceremony in her backyard and made a generous donation to the Ontario SPCA in his name. 

“I decided to donate in Mr. B’s memory because he was such a great cat who is dearly missed,” says Wanda.  

In keeping with Mr. B’s spirit, Wanda plans to establish monthly donations to the Ontario SPCA. These contributions will ensure that Mr. B’s legacy lives on while providing loving care to other animals in need across Ontario. Additionally, she hopes to eventually adopt and provide a nurturing home to another furry friend from the Ontario SPCA. 

Ways you can honour a beloved animal 

The Ontario SPCA offers resources to help cope with loss, and ways to honour the memory of our furry friends: 

  • Make a donation: To celebrate your beloved animal this World Pet Memorial Day, which takes place this year on June 11, consider a donation in their name. 
  • Host a celebration or fundraiser: If you prefer to host an event in your pet’s memory, fundraising through the Ontario SPCA’s Humane Hero site can make a significant impact. All funds raised help animals in need. 
  • Tribute donations: Any day of the year, a tribute donation is a great way to celebrate or memorialize a loved one – human or otherwise. The Ontario SPCA will send an eCard or mailed card on your behalf, including your personal message. 
  • Support groups: In times of grief, finding a supportive community can be incredibly healing. Visit ontariospca.ca/wpmd to learn more about the Ontario Pet Loss Support Group and resources available for grieving children.  

As we commemorate World Pet Memorial Day, let us cherish the memories of our beloved animal companions and find comfort in the enduring love they gave us. Visit ontariospca.ca/wpmd to learn more about the meaningful ways to remember them while also giving a second chance to animals in need. 


Thank you so much for all you do

Thank you so much for all you do every day to rescue animals in need. I can’t imagine the terrible situations that you see every day.  It is great that you have the heart to help. Keep up the good work.