Adoption Update on Katie

by | Happy Tails |

Katie the hugging cat is doing great! Adopted last April from the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre, Katie lives just two kilometres away from the shelter with her new owner Carol.  She enjoys visits from friends and family.  She likes sitting at the window watching the world go by, begging for snacks, and she also talks quite a bit.

Katie and Carol's granddaughter spending some quality Sunday time!
Katie and Carol’s granddaughter spending some quality Sunday time together.
Carol's twin granddaughters Jenna and Robyn snuggling with Katie
Carol’s twin granddaughters, Jenna and Robyn, snuggling with Katie

The best part of Katie is she still hugs!  Any visitors ‎who sit down at Carol’s home are likely to have Katie climb right up and wrap her paws around their neck where she nuzzles in for a few minutes.

We’re so happy for Katie and her new family!

If you would like to welcome your new best friend to your home, visit your local animal shelter.


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