American cat called to Jury Duty

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Having owned both cats and dogs, I can certainly say that I was (and wasn’t) surprised to read that a Boston cat had been called to jury duty in the United States. I have always found cats to be very definite in their decision-making, and are not willing to be swayed by bribery to the same level as dogs. If I were to have an impartial and unbiased pet making any decisions for me, I would prefer to have a cat decide my fate!

A cat in the courtroom?

The Suffolk Superior Court in Massachusetts clearly feels the same way, as they have called “Sal” the cat from the Esposito family to jury duty. Sal is currently scheduled to appear in court March 23, however his owners are trying to have him disqualified on the basis that he does not comprehend the english language, is not a legal United States citizen and is under the age of 18. Potential jurors are selected by a randomized list, and he may have been mistakenly listed as a human resident of the Esposito household.

So far, their appeals to have him disqualified have been denied.

Take caution – those who hide the favourite cat toys, spend too much time with the dog or not enough time scratching behind your feline’s ears! You may find yourself under your cat’s scrutiny in the courtroom.

To read more about Sal, check out the original article on CBC World News.