Animals in Toronto this Summer

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I stumbled across a fantastic little slideshow of the wild animals of Toronto today. It was posted on the Toronto Star’s website and displays an interesting variety of animal photos, all taken by Toronto residents this summer.

Check out the  Summer Slideshow to see an adorable fox cub, birds, amphibians and more!

REMEMBER! While wild animals are wonderful to observe in photographs, never attempt to handle or touch one. Interacting with wild animals who may be hurt or injured could only make the situation worse, as well as cause injury to a person with good intentions.

If you see an animal that appears to be injured or in distress, call the Ontario Wildlife Centre at  (705) 534-4350  (or toll free: 1 (888) 668-7722 x 386) on how to seek assistance. Learn more about what to do with a wild animal in distress by clicking here.