Are You Ready for National Cupcake Day on Monday?

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National Cupcake Day - cupcakes

Who’s getting excited for National Cupcake Day on Monday?!

The sweetest day of the year is almost here! Are you ready? To help you prepare for the big day, here are some baking tips:

  1. Ensure all ingredients are at room temperature (eggs, butter, milk, buttermilk).
  2. Weighing ingredients on a digital scale is the most accurate way of measuring.
  3. Cream butter and sugar until very pale and fluffy this will take approximately 5 minutes.
  4. “Eggs” typically means grade “A” large eggs. Please consider using free range eggs.
  5. Whisk dry ingredients together before adding to wet ingredients.
  6. Always start with dry ingredients when alternating with wet ingredients (3 dry additions, 2 wet).
  7. Don’t over mix once dry ingredients are added. Mix on low speed until incorporated.
  8. Always wait for the oven to reach the correct temperature before baking.
  9. Use the middle rack in your oven and rotate your cupcakes or cakes halfway through baking.
  10. Remove cupcakes from pan immediately after baking and place on a wire rack.

For more tips, click here.

Good luck to everyone participating!

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