Are you using the internet to learn about pet health? Read this first.

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Use but don’t abuse the internet for animal health care tips!

Catching an adorable pet photo first thing in the morning in your email or sharing your favourite pet photos on Facebook are some of the ways pet owners use the internet. But what about when your pet isn’t feeling well? Maybe you’ve noticed some different behaviours than usual, or have some other questions about your pet’s health?

Many people now turn to the internet  to research non-emergency health issues. But how do you know the information you’re getting is correct? One group on a pet bulletin board may swear by the raw food diet, while others insist that your pet needs X, Y or Z supplement in their food to be truly healthy. It can be difficult to navigate through the endless information in the best interests of your pet.

While surfing the web, be sure to stick to websites that are reputable and accountable. For example, websites that end with a .edu or tend to be public or/and established organizations. (Any average Joe Schmoe can sign up for a domain name and host a website for free.) Also, companies like Royal Canin who are well-respected and established pet care companies are a good source of reliable information. Animal welfare organizations such as the Ontario SPCA (naturally!) or the ASPCA also provide trustworthy information by  animal experts.

If you do find some information online that you feel could benefit your pet, always talk to your pet’s healthcare provider first. Your veterinarian should be the first place you go to bounce healthcare ideas off of before actually implementing them. Placing a quick call to your veterinarian is free and could prevent your pet becoming ill.

If you need to find a veterinarian in Ontario, try the College of Veterinarians or Ontario Veterinary Medical Association websites and click “Find a Veterinarian.”

The internet has some extremely valuable resources for pet owners, however always stick to reputable websites and always consult your veterinarian before making any new or drastic health decisions for your pet!


For every animal you save

For every animal you save, every animal who feels loved in their last moments, and for everything else you do; thank you and God Bless.