Autumn Safety Tips

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The fall is a great time to get outside with our pets – it’s not too hot or too cold. Although fall is such an ideal time for pets temperature wise, there are still some important considerations that need to be taken into account during this colourful time.

• Active pets need more food during the colder seasons. This helps generate body heat and keep pets energized. But make sure not to over feed your pet if they have a heavier body condition. Speak with your animal hospital staff about choosing the right diet for your pet.

• Watch out for snakes. Snakes preparing for hibernation may not like being disturbed so the chance of bites during this time is higher. Know what kind of venomous snakes are in your area and where they may be found so you can avoid those areas.

• Some wildlife are also preparing for cold weather and may be more active than usual. Be aware of wildlife in your area and keep your pet away.

• Fall is mushroom season! Some of these mushrooms may be toxic to pets and produce life-threatening problems. Keep pets away from any areas where these might be growing.

• As colder weather develops, outdoor cats are often looking for hiding places to keep warm. Unfortunately, under a car hood is a common place they use. To avoid seriously injuring cats, please bang on your vehicles’ hood before starting it to ensure no outdoor cats are hiding there for warmth.

For more autumn safety tips, visit the ASPCA’s handy tip sheet!

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