Can your pet tell time?

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Dog sleeping in pajamasOn March 10th at 2 AM, Daylight Savings comes into effect, robbing us of one precious hour of sleep.   As we stumble around Monday morning trying to go about our regular routine, don’t be surprised if Fido is still snug as a bug in his bed.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and although they can’t tell time, it has been said they possess circadian rhythm which is determined by natural sunlight.  So while the rest of the world is adjusting to the new levels of light, your dog may not be ready to start the day.

Changing a dog’s routine can be stressful on them.  Change in feeding time, earlier walks and playtime and the perception of you leaving them earlier in the day, can be all too overwhelming for your pet.

To avoid unnecessary stress, you can slowly ease your dog into these changes by altering their routine several days prior to day light savings.  Slowly adjust their feeding times bit by bit, along with altering their walk and play times.  By starting this process several days in advance, the change to their routine won’t be as drastic and your pet will be ready to Spring ahead.

Remember, time change affects us all.  You may need to have a little more patience and spend a little extra attention to your pets to help them adjust and get back to routine.

For other training tips, visit the Ontario SPCA’s fact sheet page.


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