Canada Day 2013 pet safety tips!

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Everyone loves a good long weekend! In many parts of Ontario, it looks like we will be enjoying a humid weekend with temperatures reaching in the 30s. As a quick reminder to all you awesome pet owners out there who will be enjoying a weekend by water, here are a few tips to keep you both cool and happy.

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  • Stay hydrated. Bring portable, fresh water for your pets while traveling, even if you’re on a boat.
  • Give your pet access to shade.
  • Don’t allow elderly or short-nosed dogs to over-exert themselves on a hot, humid day. This can lead to breathing problems.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing their ID tags in the event they adventure off on their own. This will ensure any animal control officers can pair you up again quickly!
  • While boating or on long car rides, be sure to take breaks and give your dog access to a potty area.
  • Canine floatation devices are a great idea in the event of an unexpected boating event. Not all dogs can swim, and those that can may only be able to tread water for so long.

Have a wonderful time with your pet this holiday for Canada Day 2013!

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