Cat Adoption: Be Prepared!

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photo credit: Carbon Arc Giving her a hand -[ Happy Caturday ]- via photopin (license)
Do you love to cruise the online listings for a furry new friend? It is so easy to fall in love with one of our available cats. (Try our Meet Your Match® survey to find a cat-tastic new best friend!)

Before you bring a new cat home, set yourself up for success by making sure you’ve considered all of the following.

  1. The Transition Period. Just like moving to a new country, the transition from an animal centre to a new home takes time. There’s a new daily routine regarding food, litter boxes, family members and more. Give your feline friend a smaller, quiet area of the house to become familiarized with first, one that ideally contains a possession (blanket, toy) from his or her former environment. Allow your new cat some time to adjust to their new home!
  2. Pet essentials. To make your new cat comfortable, you should stock up on all the necessities. A place to sleep, bowls for food and water, a cat carrier in good condition, a box for kitty litter, scratching post, a brush and some toys for enrichment are all important.
  3. Proper cat food. Depending on your new cat’s age, activity level and health, he or she may require a specific type of cat food. Be sure to slowly transition food from one brand/type to another, if that is required, to avoid upset stomachs.
  4. Identification. All cats and kittens adopted from the Ontario SPCA will be microchipped, but a collar with identification is also a good idea.
  5. Veterinary planning. Your new cat or kitten from the Ontario SPCA will also be up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered and have a clean bill of health. For annual checkups and any additional health questions you may have, having a veterinarian you can trust will keep your new pet happy and healthy for years to come. (Need a recommendation? See award-winning vets from our annual Got a Pet? Get a Vet! contest.)
  6. Get those purrr’s going. Once your new cat is getting comfortable in his or her new surroundings, let the bonding begin! Spending quality time with your new friend will help you both bond with each other and provide your pet with important socialization time.

Getting your home ready for your new pet is an important pre-adoption step. Follow our tips for a smooth transition while welcoming your new pet to their new home!

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