January 23, 2024

Can my dog be trained not to chase cats?

Dogs and cats can be known to be best of friends – or worst of foes! For dogs who have not been introduced to…
December 14, 2023

Adopting a puppy: What to expect

Congratulations on adopting a new puppy! This is an exciting time for both you and your puppy. The first day after bringing your furry…
October 30, 2023

5 common canine behaviours and how to modify them

You may think at times, “my dog knows better,” but the truth is, unless you’ve taught them and they’ve practiced the training in an…
October 26, 2023

How to handle a high energy dog

It’s the end of the day. You think your dog has had a full day of playtime and activities, and now you’re ready to…
September 22, 2023

How to handle attention-seeking barking

There are a lot of times where dogs barking is helpful. When they tell us they need to go outside, or they need more…
August 10, 2023

Pandemic puppies: Adult dog socialization tips

The first three months of a puppy’s life are important to its development as during this time, they are learning, going through a critical…
June 20, 2023

Tips to overcome your dog’s resource guarding

Being able to understand playful versus aggressive behaviours in your dog when it comes to protecting his favourite toys, food, etc, is important. In…
May 15, 2023

Why does your dog whine?

All dog parents probably hear their dog whine from time to time, but some hear it more often than others.  In this…
May 12, 2023

Tips to deter your dog from scavenging during walks

Do you find that your dog scavenges for items to eat on your walks? If daily walks are interrupted by your dog picking up…
May 11, 2023

Why do puppies nip and tips on managing this behaviour

Puppies are adorable, but their nipping behaviour can sometimes be a pain. When puppies play, they often use their mouths to explore their environment…


I stand behind SPCA with my monthly gift

I stand behind SPCA with my monthly gift. I am so happy there are folks like you to care for those who can’t help themselves.  My family and I have had animals all our lives and know what a comfort they are.  Thank you SPCA.