Cat reunited with owner after 10 months

by | Happy Tails |

In an incredible story, a cat named Mata who went missing from her Oregon home last September was recently found and will be returned to her owner after traveling for 10 months with a homeless man.

lost cat, microchip

The rescuer, Michael King, found Mata who was thin, wet and cold, and attempted to find her owner. After nobody claimed her, Michael took her in, feeding for her and caring for her. Despite being homeless, he decided to take her with him on his travels. Armed with food and a crate, Michael took her  away from the cold Oregon winter and to the warmer climate of California.

After a trip to a local veterinarian clinic, it was discovered she had a microchip with her former owner’s name, address and contact information. Ron Buss, Mata’s owner, received a call saying his feline companion Mata was alive and doing well under her rescuer’s care.

Although sad to see her go, Michael agreed to return Mata to her owners, and was happy to have enjoyed their 10 months together, traveling as feline and friend.

If you would like to learn more about microchipping your pet, please visit the Ontario SPCA’s Microchip Fact Sheet or talk to your local veterinarian for options available to you.


Speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves

Keep up the good work speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves. A society who cares for their animals is a better society.  Thanks for your good work!