July 31, 2020

Pet-Friendly activities for the long weekend: COVID Edition

The long weekend is fast approaching and it is a perfect time to spend some quality time outside with your animal friends. Here are some… Read more »
July 24, 2020

Dog bite prevention, and understanding canine body language

While some pets enjoy meeting new people and animals, others prefer their own space, and only the company of those they are most familiar… Read more »
July 23, 2020

Dog and Puppy Socialization during COVID-19

Socializing a puppy with both people and animals, as well as introducing them to a wide range of events, environments and situations is an… Read more »
June 23, 2020

Loose Leash Walking: Train your dog with these easy tips!

Teaching your dog loose leash walking can be one the most challenging parts of training a dog! Though every dog is different, these easy tips… Read more »
May 21, 2020

Help! My dog has just come into heat. What should I do?

With spay/neuter services temporarily closed to the public to help slow and stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ve been receiving various questions from… Read more »
May 12, 2020

Homemade Peanut Butter & Banana Dog Treats

These dog treats are easy to make, and your pet will love them! Watch for detailed instructions, and then give it a try yourself. We… Read more »
April 27, 2020

Choosing the training treats for your pet

If you have a food-motivated dog, you’ll know that nothing quite compares with a good treat to make training that much easier. On our… Read more »
April 9, 2020

Understanding Canine Behaviour: Body Postures

If you have a dog, you may already know how important it is to be able to read their body language. A wagging tail… Read more »
March 23, 2020

Tips for new puppy parents

If you’ve recently added a puppy into your life, than you very well may have some unexpected training time on your hands! In this blog,… Read more »
March 17, 2020

How dogs really see the world

Can dogs see only in black and white? Or do they see colours too? In this video, Jennifer Toof, Manager, Programs and Community Outreach at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, breaks down for us, how dogs see the world. Want more content like this? Hit that Subscribe button on YouTube to show your support! Also, make sure to visit http://shelterhealthpro.com/ for more training and enrichment resources for your pet. https://youtu.be/-HjF1jVfdvI Read more »
March 10, 2020

Key tips to stop dogs from destructive chewing

Does your dog chew on things they shouldn’t? Dogs chewing on inappropriate objects, such as furniture, is a very common issue for pet owners. Read more »
January 17, 2020

How to protect paws in the winter

Even though it’s cold outside, our pets still love getting out there for their walks! So it’s important as pet owners to be mindful of… Read more »