June 13, 2024

Four bugs to be aware of this summer with your pets

Summer is a great time to spend quality time outdoors with your furry friend, but beware of bugs! There are several bugs that can…
May 13, 2024

How to fit your dog for a lifejacket

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to enjoy water activities again! Our friends at Ren’s Pets want to ensure you’re ready for…
April 19, 2024

How to handle jumping

Jumping is a common training challenge and is usually attention-seeking behaviour. Unknowingly we might "teach" our dogs to jump up on us by rewarding them each time they do so.
April 16, 2024

Key tips to stop dogs from destructive chewing

Does your dog chew on things they shouldn’t? You’re not alone. This is a very common issue for pet parents.    Reasons dogs…
March 19, 2024

Tips for a smooth trip to the pet store with your furry friend

Whether you’re picking up essentials or treating your furry friend to some new toys, a trip to the pet store can be an enjoyable…
March 15, 2024

Tail-Wagging Tips: Simple ways to make your dog happier

There are very few things that can bring us joy the way our furry friends can! That feeling of happiness and love when they…
February 15, 2024

Selecting the right toy for your dog

It’s important for your canine companion to have enrichment, but selecting the perfect toy involves more than just grabbing the first colourful item off…
February 6, 2024

DIY dog treats your pet will love!

Looking for some yummy dog treats that you can make from home? We’re here to help! This blog has a number of healthy and…
February 5, 2024

Fitting your dog for a winter coat

Some dog breeds need a little extra protection during the winter months. If your dog falls into that category, we hope you find these…
February 2, 2024

February is Dental Health Awareness Month

Guest blog by Dr Juanita, repost from February 8, 2022  Did you know that February is Dental Health Awareness Month for our…