Celebrating Canada Day 2016!

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O’ Canada, our home and native land!

Happy Canada Day, Canada, fireworks
Happy Canaday Day!

However you’re celebrating this Canada Day holiday, we want to make sure your pets also enjoy it. It’s going to be a hot weekend, so here are some tips for keeping your pet comfortable:

  • All of the water! Bring fresh, portable water for your pets wherever you go – even if you’re on a boat.
  • Always make sure your pet has access to shade.
  • If you’re planning on taking a long car ride or boating, take lots of breaks and give your dog access to a potty area.
  • Again, if you’re on a boat, canine floatation devices are a great idea. Not all dogs can swim! So in the event of an unexpected boating accident, they may not be able to tread water for long.

Along with tips for keeping your pet safe and cool – you need to be aware of how fireworks can be dangerous for your pets. Here are some firework tips from our blog, Fireworks can spook your pet!

Firework Safety

  • Keep pets home indoors in a safe place. This will help reduce the noise level of the fireworks. It will also reduce the risk of your pet running away if he/she is spooked by loud noises.
  • Provide a safe “escape” place for your animal. Scared animals like to hide. Allow your pet a safe place to snuggle to help ease their stress and calm their fears of the loud sounds he/she is hearing.
  • Use a leash or carrier if you must be outside with your pet and keep it on your pet at all times. This will help prevent your pet from running away from you if he/she is fearful of the fireworks.
  • Make sure pet ID is current. Should your pet run off, having an updated ID tag or microchip on your pet will help your local Animal Services return your pet to you.

Now that you have these crucial pet safety tips – you’re ready to enjoy the weekend!

From the Ontario SPCA to you – Happy Canada Day!!


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