Changing lives with the Second Chance Pet Network

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The Second Chance Pet Network provides a haven for surrendered and abandoned animals, preparing them to find loving, forever homes. In many Northern communities, there are more adoptable animals than there are families who can give them homes. A lack of access to basic animal wellness services, such as veterinarians and spay/neuter services, has contributed to an increase in animal populations across Northern Canada.    

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society partners with the Second Chance Pet Network by delivering pet food and bringing animals to areas of the province where there are families waiting to adopt. This helps to ensure animal organizations that we work with in the North have the capacity to continue to help  animals who need support. Over the years, hundreds of cats have found loving homes through the partnership between the Ontario SPCA and Second Chance Pet Network.

The Second Chance Pet Network helps animals throughout northwestern Ontario, which includes the communities of Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Balmertown, Ear Falls, Vermillion Bay, Fort Frances and Atikokan as well as over 50 First Nations reserves. In addition to running a successful adoption program, the Second Chance Pet Network also operates a low-cost spay/neuter program to help reduce pet overpopulation. 

The renowned lovable cats from the Second Chance Pet Network 

The Second Chance Pet Network has an amazing veterinarian who takes care of every animal’s needs, as well as volunteers who help care for the animals and prepare them for adoption. “We do not have a large team, but what we have is top notch!” says Ann Owens, Founder and Director of the Second Chance Pet Network. 

The lovable cats who the Second Chance Pet Network are renowned for their friendly personalities, which are developed through a program called “Cat Cuddlers.” This program allows visitors to play with the cats and cuddle them from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week. Visitors are welcome to bring their children, teaching them how to properly interact with the animals.  

According to Owens, the best part of her job is watching an animal with a difficult past become warm and trusting. Then, placing them in a loving home where they will be adored. 

Partnering with the Ontario SPCA to deliver food and re-home animals 

The Ontario SPCA and its partners work alongside communities to deliver much-needed resources, including food donations and re-homing initiatives to areas of the province in need of support. The Ontario SPCA has transported 104 cats from the Second Chance Pet Network so far this year and has donated over 1,000 lbs of pet food to help feed animals in the North. 

“The Ontario SPCA has been more than generous to us in helping with food for our colonies and with finding places for our cats to go when we are overloaded,” says Owens. “We would like people to know that we do the best we can to help out; animals who do not find their own home always have one with us.”  

We are so grateful to work alongside Second Chance Pet Network to support their community and animals in the North. Read more about our partnership with The Second Chance Pet Network, here. 

There are many ways in which you can take part in “helping those who cannot help themselves.” To learn more about Second Chance Pet Network, visit