Coin-operated Dog Wash!

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While I was out running errands this week, I happened to drive by a new pet store that had recently opened. A big white billboard announced the store had a coin-operated dog washer available for dog owners.

Coin-operated dog wash?

I was so intrigued by the idea that I almost walked into a garbage can by mistake! The concept of coin-operated bathing really excited me, as I happen to be the lucky owner of a self-operated mud attractor. Trips to the grooming spa get expensive, and it is not practical to bath her indoors at home in the winter. This option provides a relatively inexpensive way to wash your dog year round

I waited for a recent (mud-filled but enjoyable) trip to the dog park to use Jersey as my test subject in this bathing experiment. I was filled with glee as we drove to the pet store. Jersey’s usual smugness of being covered with dirt was quickly fading as she realized the car was not heading for home.

True to the sign, an employee took us for a quick tour of the coin-operated bathing facility. We were loaned a towel (which I would later find out why). A large metal bathing tub was attached to an even larger control panel, which had operating instructions and various hoses. A swinging door allowed larger dogs to simply hop up into the tub, and there was a tie in each end to secure your dog. On the control panel, there were various shampoo options and coat enhancers that could be selected. The standard amount of time is 15 minutes, however you can purchase more if you feel you need it.

Once Jersey was secured into the tub, I selected the “shampoo” option and used the sprayer, which sprays a combination of water and shampoo. Once she was thoroughly washed, I selected the “rinse” option to get all the soap off. There was a “conditioner” option, however I wanted to spend most of the time drying as she has quite the coat. Just as I was selecting the “high” option on the dryer, she took the opportunity while I was distracted to shake herself off. Although I tried to cover myself, it was in vain and now I was the one who was soaked. Thanks, Jersey. Using the provided towel, I had to dry myself off!

Once I was dry, I went back to drying her. A huge blast of air comes out, and I was able to get her mostly dry before the timer ran out.

I really enjoyed the coin-operated dog wash, and would definitely recommend it to any pet owner who needs a quick and convenient way to clean up their furry friend! Click here to learn more about the dog wash system.

Check out a demonstration of the dog wash below!

Tips: Introduce dogs to it slowly, such as encouraging him or her to stand quietly in the tub without the water running. It may help to have a friend or family member assist you by reassuring your pet with a treat for the first washing.


As an animal lover all the work you do

As an animal lover all the work you do to help ensure that every dog and cat can find their forever home that is filled with love is greatly appreciated.