Cold weather pet accessories

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For some of our furry friends, a little extra protection from the elements during winter is a necessary thing. To help you find the right accessories for your animal, we’ve put together a list of some things you might need!


We have to admit, it can be pretty humorous watching a dog try to wear boots for the first time. But if you give them time to get used to them, they can offer warmth, traction on ice and frozen surfaces and protection from salt on the roads or sidewalks. Which we think makes it worth it! Watch how to fit your dog for boots here.

Hats and scarves

In extreme winter weather, some animals may benefit from a hat, scarf, or hats that double as a scarf! There are many types available that you can try out at your local pet store.

Sweaters, coats and vests

If you have a short-haired breed in your family, you may find sweaters, coats or vests necessary during frigid temperatures. Keep in mind, there is a difference between coats designed for fashion, and those meant to keep your companion animal warm.

Things to keep in mind

Make sure whenever introducing something new to your animal that it fits them properly and is a safe option for them. We encourage animal parents to do research and talk to their veterinarian about what accessories would be best for your companion.

It’s also important to remember that not all furry friends are comfortable wearing clothes. If your dog or cat is visibly stressed or uncomfortable wearing the clothes, don’t force it. Make sure to make the experience a positive one, introducing the new items slowly and with lots of treats and positive reinforcements.

Dogs can also overheat easily, so keep an eye on them while they are outside to ensure they continue to be comfortable throughout your outdoor adventures.

More cold weather tips

Here are some more resources you may find helpful as you navigate winter with your companion animals.

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