Cold Weather Safety Tips

by | General Pet Care |


The cold weather is officially here and with this change in temperature comes the responsibility of keeping our pets toasty warm. Below are some useful cold weather safety tips.

  1. Never leave your pet alone in a cold car. Cars hold in the cold, acting like refrigerators, which can cause your pet to freeze to death.
  2. Keep your pets warm.  If it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet. Although some breeds can withstand colder temperatures, it is important to supply adequate housing.  Click here to view our Ideal Doghouse brochure.
  3. Keep animals away from puddles. They may contain ethylene glycol found in antifreeze which can be fatal if ingested.
  4. Keep your pets away from bodies of water.  With melting ice and rising water levels, lakes can be extremely dangerous for you and your pet.
  5. Wipe your pet’s paws and underside after being outside. Salt and ice melt can irritate and burn, and also be fatal if ingested.
  6. Be aware of cats seeking warmth under vehicle hoods. Try knocking on the hood of your car to scare them away before starting the engine.
  7. Don’t let your dog off leash especially during a snowstorm. They can easily lose their scent and get lost.
  8. A warm place to sleep. Ensure your pet has a thick, cozy bed or blanket away from any drafts and off the cold floor.
  9. Dress for the weather. Use booties and winter sweaters to help keep your pets warm during outdoor excursions.
  10. Prepare an emergency pet survival kit. You never know when a storm might keep you from being able to leave the house for extended periods. Having an emergency pet survival kit could save a life.

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