Collaborative efforts after tragedy in Alberta

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When retired-RCMP veteran Rod Lazenby followed up with a complaint about blue heeler dogs, he was fatally injured when he went to investigate. The owner of the dogs, Trevor Kloschinsky, has been charged with first-degree murder.

Australian cattle dog, aka Blue Heeler (puppy)

In light of the unnecessary tragedy,  animal welfare organizations including the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and the Pound Rescue are working together with Ontario SPCA affiliates to care for and find homes for the 18 dogs that were on the property.

Before the dogs can be put up for adoption, they require spay/neutering, vaccines and treatment for parasites. We need the help of the public to help prepare these lovely dogs for their new homes.

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Please visit ALBERTA ANIMAL RESCUE CREW SOCIETY or POUND RESCUE to learn more about how to help!