DIY Dog Toys

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Anyone who has spent time with dogs will tell you that dogs really know how to appreciate the simple things in life. Dogs don’t need expensive toys to have a good time, just some quality time with you and some easy-to-make activities.

Remember, whether your dog is playing with a store-bought or homemade toy, your pup should always be supervised. Here are four clever Do-It-Yourself toys for your dog using simple household items:

Tennis ball snack dispenser

It is first important to note that when dogs chew new tennis balls, the “fuzz” can get around the base of their teeth and cause pain and gum bleeding. To avoid this, put tennis balls through the wash a couple of cycles and throw them in the dryer to dry. It’s a benefit to your dryer as well because the tennis balls can stop the laundry from getting bound up – especially sheets!

To make a tennis ball snack dispenser, take the tennis ball and cut a fair-sized opening. You can either cut along the curved seamline or cut a big “X” into the ball. You can now put some strong smelling treats inside. When your dog presses down on the ball, the treats should dispense.

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Water bottle toy

Water Bottle Dog Toy

There’s a reason why most dog toys have squeakers and crinkle materials inside. Dogs love toys that respond by making noise. A simple dog toy is to take a plastic water bottle and place it in either a sock or an old t-shirt. If placing the bottle in a sock, simply close the opening by tying a knot. If using a t-shirt, wrap the bottle as you would a burrito (by tucking the sides in and rolling), then take leftover strips of fabric and tightly secure the shirt onto the bottle. Dogs will love the crumple sound every time they press down on the bottle.

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Knotted throw toy

Knotted Throw Toy for Dogs

Perhaps the simplest toy you can make is a knotted throw toy. You can use an old dishtowel, hand towel or even the pant leg of an old pair of jeans. Roll up the fabric so it looks like a cigar and tie a knot in the centre. You now have an instant toy to throw or use for a game of tug of war.

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Braided throw toy

A variation of the knotted throw toy is to cut your fabric into 3 long strips and braid. You can use two strips of extra fabric to tie around both ends of the toy to secure your braid.

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For more ideas on activities you can play with your dog, check out our post on indoor games.


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