Dog Stays with Companion after Japanese Disaster

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This is an incredibly moving video of a loyal dog who stayed with and guarded his fellow canine companion, who was clearly injured, after the recent disaster in Japan.

While the video is not subtitled in English, there is a translation of the news reporters observations and comments about the video on the YouTube page. He notes how the first dog is clearly someone’s pet, as he still has his collar on. They notice the dog come near them, then bark with caution. The dog then travels back to his companion, and sits down. The camera crew then notices the second dog, lying motionless on the ground near debris. They wonder if he is alive, and are relieved to finally see the second dog breathing. The reporter is so touched at the scene that he finds it emotionally difficult to stay composed while on camera.

The end result? Both dogs were rescued and are currently receiving food and medical attention by aid workers.

What an incredible story.