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When Jersey was younger, she would stare wistfully up at the bed in the evening before settling down on her bed nearby. Suddenly one night, I came upstairs only to find Jersey and my husband on the bed, looking at me sheepishly. She was curled into her “husky ball” at the foot of the bed as my hubby read his book. When I pointed out we had a No Dogs on the Bed rule, he promised me it would be “just this once”.

It ultimately depends on you and your dog

Naturally, that one time lead to many more times. Jersey now enjoys a spot on the blanket at the end of the bed. She tends to gravitate towards her own spot on the floor during the middle of the night, but will give us a look at bedtime to indicate she wants to sleep with us.

Experts are divided on the topic of dogs sharing beds with people. Some feel that allowing your dog on the bed will interfere with the pack hierarchy, and cause problems with the relationship with your dog. As you, the owners, are supposed to be the leaders of the pack, you would not share your sleeping area with your subordinates. This can create a sense of possessiveness in your dog, that may lead to undesirable behavior.

Other experts say that allowing your dog on the bed is natural, since dogs are pack animals and want to stay close to their pack leaders. Many owners feel comforted by their dog sleeping with them. These experts say that provided proper boundaries are in place, allowing your dog to sleep on the bed should have no adverse effects. For example, while many dog will get on the bed with little invitation, they need to obey immediately when its time to get off the bed. They should not be allowed to bring toys or other personal items to bed. If your pet shows any sort of negative behavior (such as snapping or growling) when asked to get off the bed, that is a clear sign that your dog needs some remedial training and should no longer be allowed on it until the pack hierarchy has been re-established.

Through trial and error, we established a routine with Jersey so that sharing so that we can all enjoy the bed without crossing any boundaries. While I can’t say that I thought I would enjoy her on the bed, on winter nights it’s great to have her snuggled up with us. Dogs are just as happy as long as they have a designated space, whether it be their bed, crate or a spot on the bed. Always allow your dog to sleep in their comfort zone provided it does not interfere with your rank as top dog in the household (or interfere with your sleep!)


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