Enjoying the holidays with your pet

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paw print ornament holidays with pet
Plan to enjoy the holidays with your pet! (Photo: Etsy.com)

There’s nothing better than putting your feet up with a warm drink after a long day of holiday shopping, parties and bustle; but while the holidays are chalked-full of activity, your pet can easily be caught up in the holiday shuffle. Here are some quick ways to enjoy the holidays with your pet!

  • Make walking or playing with your pet a priority. Don’t wait until the end of the day when you’re too tired for a walk or playtime. Allocate time every day that is exclusively dedicated to your pet’s physical wellbeing. Pets that are left alone too long and not exercised enough can be prone to household destruction or accidents.
  • Stock up on pet supplies. Pick up pet essentials before the holiday rush begins, which could include pet food, medication or kitty litter. Many stores and veterinary clinics have limited hours over the holiday season, so plan ahead to have plenty of your pet’s supplies to avoid running out.
  • Schedule pet care ahead of time. Plan your walks and pet care before you leave the house for a party across town, or for a pet sitter to come by during the daytime to help care for your pet. Planning pet care in advance will ensure the day goes smoothly, for both you and your pet!
  • Pay extra attention to pet grooming. Having guests over and frantically trying to clean right before the doorbell rings is no fun! By being extra diligent about your pet’s grooming over the holidays, it will keep your house and furniture nice and tidy, making less last-minute work for you (and your pet will appreciate the extra attention too!).
  • Take some quiet time to cuddle with your pet. Doing fun activities with your pet is fantastic, but petting or cuddling with your pet too is a stress-reducing way for both of you to get that bonding time that you will enjoy.
  • Give pets quiet space away from party guests. Many pets don’t appreciate the loud, strange visitors that can come with the holiday season. Be sure to give your pets a quiet place away from visitors where they can rest and nap.

It can be too easy to get caught up in the activity of the holiday season. Just remember that your pet still loves you and wants to enjoy your company too. You will enjoy the holidays with your pet with a little bit of planning, and have wonderful memories for years to come! 


Dogs only ask for your love and attention

Dogs only ask for your love and attention, nothing else. Thank you for everything you do!