Family Day fun for the whole family (including furry ones!)

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Having a day off to spend with family is a great opportunity for bonding, and lots of fun! Here are some activities you can enjoy with your pet on this day off.

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photo credit: Steve took it Mine! via photopin (license)

Snow Hikes

For dogs who love a romp through the snow, consider finding some hiking trails near you to take your dog on. Keep in mind the “cool” test and if your dog needs extra protection to stay warm.


Another great activity for snow-loving, bigger dogs is skijoring! This is when your dog pulls you while you’re on skis. If you’re going to attempt this winter activity, introduce your dog to it slowly and make sure they enjoy it and can safely carry you.

Fun in the snow!

If you have children heading outside for a snowball fight, or to build a snowman – include your dog in the activities! Just make sure to keep an eye out for if they’re getting too cold or are uncomfortable in any way.

Think you and your pets would prefer some fun, indoor activities? We’ve got you covered! Listen to this podcast about indoor activities for dogs.

Tell us what you got up to during the day in the comments below!