Getting a Handle on Jumping

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Oliver's jumping up on people can get a little out of hand.
Oliver’s jumping up on people can get a little out of hand.

Are you unknowingly encouraging your dog to jump up on you?

When I get home, Oliver my little Terripoo is always so happy to see me, and I to see him, that he jumps up on my legs and I give him a little pat on the head.  I never thought much of it until recently.   I decided it was time to get a handle on the jumping, a behaviour I have been encouraging by giving him attention when he greets me at the door.

It’s only been a little over a week and I have started by ignoring him when I get home, acknowledging him only when he settles down and has all four paws on the floor.  It has taken some practice but I think he is finally getting the hint.  We still have a lot of work to do, but with the help of the Ontario SPCA Fact Sheet How to Handle Jumping, we are employing some other techniques that seem to be helping in the jumping department.   Eventually, I am hoping to get to the point where I am not continually fighting him off people when they enter my home.

If you are having issues with your dog jumping on on you or your guests, there are some useful tips found here.  Start slowly, maybe one technique at a time and practice it for a couple of weeks until your dog gets the hang of it.  With consistent training and a lot of patience, you can get a handle on your dogs jumping.

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