H20: A Summertime Essential for Pets

by | General Pet Care |

Now that summer is upon us, many people are excited to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. What most people forget is that all pets, including house pets, depend on fresh, clean water to keep them properly hydrated.

Did you know?

  • The average 10 lb dog will drink 1 & 1/4 cups of water per day, and the average 50 lb dog may drink up to 6 cups per day
  • Pets that are nursing, have diarrhea  or have health problems such as diabetes require more water than average
  • The average 8 lb cat drinks roughly 8 ounces of water per day
  • Some cats prefer to have their water lightly flavoured with a splash of chicken or fish broth
  • Cats’ urine is concentrated, therefore they do not lose water through the kidneys (but makes them prone to urinary stones and crystals)
  • Pets that are fed dry food tend to need more water than pets who are fed a raw or canned-food diet
  • Most dogs prefer cool or cold water to drink when they are thirsty

Toilet water is not an acceptable source of water! The unsanitary levels of dangerous bacteria that are found in toilets can make your pet very sick. Toilets that are frequently cleaned contain no less of a risk, as cleaning products contain chemicals that can be poisonous to pets. If your pet tries to drink from the toilet, place multiple water dishes around your house and be sure to check/refill them with fresh, cold water a MINIMUM of once per day.

Check out this video on YouTube of a slow-motion movie of a dog drinking water!