Have you ever seen your cat do this?

by | Cat Care |

This is a wonderful moment caught on tape by someone filming their cat, who is using a rather unusual method of drinking from the kitchen tap.

This video reminded me of one day on the farm when our orange tabby cat, Ginger, was perched on the side of one of the large water troughs in one of the horse paddocks. He was so focused on trying to stay balanced on the edge of the trough that he didn’t hear one of the big mares coming up behind him. She leaned towards him and with wide eyes, took a big whiff of his fur.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat jump so high up into the air! By his sheer catty-athleticism, he caught the edge of the paddock fencing with his front claws and avoiding landing face-first into the water trough. Before I could even blink again, he took off like a shot and temporarily disappeared into the tall grass behind the barn.

I’m sure he stuck to drinking from his water bowl in the safety of the barn after that!

Enjoy this video, and have a wonderful weekend!