Hide Perch ‘n Go Box

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When animals are surrendered, rescued or removed from their home environments, it can be a very distressing event. Despite improved conditions when coming from an abusive or neglectful home, it is still a big change that can make cats and dogs anxious, fearful and frightened. As a result, animals become difficult to adopt out when they are showing negative behavior in the shelter environment.

One of the Ontario SPCA’s supporters, Iams, joined the Educational Conference this past month to discuss the development, design and practical uses of their Hide, Perch ‘n Go Box.

Designed exclusively for cats, this heavy-duty cardboard housing unit offers shelters a sanitary and cost-effective way to make cats more comfortable. It gives the cat a personal sanctuary to retreat into on the lower level, as well as a top floor where they can sit on top of when they are feeling sociable. As any cat owner knows, cats have the innate desire to climb and observe their surroundings from a high place. The perching area of the box gives cats a choice that would otherwise not be available in a shelter cage.

An additional feature is that the box can stay with the cat during the transition to their new home. While the cat is at the shelter, they will scent mark the box, which is a natural behavior. It makes the cat feel more secure in their environment. Once the cat has been adopted, their personal box can be converted into a travel carrier for the cat on the way to his new home. (The box is best suited for short trips. Potential adoptees should be prepared to bring their own travel carrier for any long drives.) When the cat arrives at its new home, the box can be converted back into the housing form. This eases the transition for the cat, as it knows it can retreat into the box until it feels comfortable with its surroundings.

The Hide Perch ‘n Go Box is a cost-effective and cat-approved tool for shelter management, and makes the cats more settled, which improves their chances at adoption. Contact your local shelter to find out how you can help raise money for the Hide Perch ‘n Go Boxes for the cats in your community!


As an animal lover all the work you do

As an animal lover all the work you do to help ensure that every dog and cat can find their forever home that is filled with love is greatly appreciated.