How do I…care for a rabbit?

by | General Pet Care |

Butterscotch - OrilliaRabbits look pretty low maintenance in the pet stores.  A small enclosure, some food and water, and a bit of wood chips and good to go.  What an ideal pet to adopt!  In actuality, there is a lot more involved with taking care of a rabbit.  While the Ontario SPCA strongly encourages adoption, please remember that this is a long-term commitment which should be well thought out.  Below are a few rabbit care tips to be familiar with before deciding to adopt a rabbit:


The size of an enclosure will depend on the size and breed of the rabbit.  As a rule of thumb, your rabbit’s cage should be large enough to fit a covered hide-away for resting, room for both food and water bowls, space for a little box, and enough room for your rabbit to take a few hops without obstruction.

Always include fresh hay, wood shavings or even a blanket for bedding.  Bedding should kept clean and unsoiled at all times.

Food & Water

Rabbits are herbivores which mean they like to feast on grasses, fruits and vegetables.  Click here for a complete list of foods you should and shouldn’t feed  your rabbits.  It’s important to replenish food daily and keep the dish clean.

Rabbits, like most other pets, require a constant supply of fresh water.  Change water daily and ensure bowl is clean.


Rabbits require an average of 2 to 4 hours of out of cage exercise.  Remember to monitor your pet at all times when removing them from their cage as they like to dig and chew.  It’s a good idea to rabbit proof your house by removing electrical cords and other dangerous items from within their reach.  If exercising outdoors, ensure your rabbit isn’t munching on grass if your lawn has been chemically treated.


These are just some of the basic tips on rabbit care.  Visit the BC SPCA’s rabbit care page for more details for successfully caring for your rabbit.