How do I….groom my cat?

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Don't forget to regularly groom your cat!
Don’t forget to regularly groom your cat!

To properly groom your cat, you need to have the correct brush for his/her coat type. Slicker brushes will work on any coat, brushes with soft bristles work well for shorthaired cats, and “pinhead” brushes work for longhaired cats. Regular grooming will not only feel great for your cat, but keep his or her coat shiny and healthy. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your furry friend.

Be sure to always brush in the direction the hair lies, not against it. Brushing in the wrong direction will irritate your cat’s sensitive skin. Always keep grooming sessions to an appropriate length, too much grooming can make your cat fussy and he or she will not look forward to being groomed the next time!

Avoid using any artificial sprays or lotions, unless directed by your vet. Many household shampoos and creams can cause major skin problems for your feline friend. Cats are typically very clean critters, so you shouldn’t need to use anything more than water for any “spot treatments” they may need.

Grooming your cat has many rewards, and not only will your look and feel fabulous, but it will also reduce the loose cat hair in the house. Go out and get grooming!