How do I….keep my dog’s paws clean this spring?

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Muddy dogsThe chirp of local birds and longer days are a sure sign that spring is on the way! There is one aspect of spring however that most dog owners do not love: muddy paws. The warmer temperatures turn frozen ground into a muddy mess, particularly in high-traffic areas as the local dog park or even in your own backyard. During playtime, this can mean lots of joyful splashing around outside, resulting in a thoroughly happy but definitely dirty dog to contend with.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your dogs clean this spring:

  • Train your dog to allow daily handling of their paws. Ideally done as a puppy, handling and touching all four paws on a regular basis (not just at the vet’s or during nail trimming) will allow you to wipe your pet’s paws down while they stand patiently. 
  • Place a large towel by the doors (along with a hand towel) so that you can easily wipe your dog’s paws as they come inside. Some dog owners prefer to keep a small bucket of water handy and either dip their dog’s paws in (if the dog is comfortable with it) or wet a corner of the towel to clean the worst of the mud.
  • Invest in a pair of waterproof dog boots. Be prepared to allow your pet some time to get used to them, and use positive reinforcement to encourage them to accept them.
  • Use a dog coat with a wide belly band to prevent water from splashing up onto your pet’s stomach.

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