How do I… keep my pet’s teeth clean?

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Oral care is an important aspect of pet care that many owners are not aware of. In both cats and dogs, oral disease is a common illness that is frequently seen by small animal clinics. Not only does oral disease cause localized pain and problems in the mouth, but can affect other vital organs as well. Periodontal disease is typically slow to develop and very preventable, meaning owners can easily prevent distress in their pet as well as save money by avoiding a costly vet visit.

In both cats and dogs, teeth brushing is a fast and simple way to prevent tartar build-up and gum disease. There are many treats and chew toys that owners can buy which are textured to create friction against the teeth, which helps the breakdown of tartar. During your pet’s annual checkup, talk to your vet about setting up a schedule for oral cleaning as well as tips or suggestions they may have for keeping your pet’s teeth clean. They can also teach you the best methods for brushing your pet’s teeth, as well as selecting the right-sized brush and toothpaste.

Here is an informative video on brushing your pet’s teeth.

(Remember! Always consult with your veterinarian before attempting to try a new healthcare practice or technique on your pet.)

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