How do I….Pick up Dog Poop?

by | Dog Care |

As surprising as this may be, some dog owners elect not to pick up their dog’s poop while out in public. Most responsible pet owners already know the phrase “poop ‘n scoop” which is a reminder for owners to pick up after their pets. Not only is it a common courtesy to other people who are sharing public spaces, but it keeps areas such as dog parks clean so that other dogs and their owners can enjoy it. When owners do not pick up their dog’s poop, it can make dogs unwelcome (in places like public parks) by the local community and is very unsanitary. It is also not environmentally friendly to pick up your dog’s poop, and then carelessly toss it into nearby woods, into an alley, etc. Garbage belongs in garbage cans.

The best way to pick up your dog’s poop is to always be prepared. Even if you are only walking around the block, bring a baggie with you. You can use a variety of bags such as grocery bags or used ziplock baggies, however the ideal bag will be something that is biodegradable (such as small compost-bin liners). There are also companies that specifically manufacture biodegradable baggies that are marketed for this purpose and are the perfect size!

To pick up the poop, turn the bag inside out, and use it like a glove. Once you are holding the poop, use your other hand to pull the bag back around the poop and tie the ends tightly. The last thing you need is for escaping poop to fly out of the bag while you’re tossing it into a garbage bin!

If picking up your dog’s poop seems unappealing, thanks to modern technology and a little creativity, there are all sorts of devices that will assist you in hands-free scooping. A simple Google search will reveal all kinds of varieties of scoopers.

Remember, a little bit of scooping will go a long way in your community. Be courteous and always remember to be prepared to poop ‘n scoop!