How much exercise does my cat need?

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Making sure your cat is healthy and happy includes exercise and playtime. Our friends at Royal Canin Canada have a great resource for weight management that talks all about the exercise your cat needs!

How much exercise does my cat need?

To stay happy and healthy, Royal Canin says indoor cats need to spend a good amount of time engaging with you, as well as lots of toys to keep them occupied and busy.

“When thinking about how often you need to exercise an indoor cat, plan for plenty of sessions of play and interaction throughout each day. Care is needed to ensure that an indoor cat’s environment doesn’t become boring, as this can lead to them being inactive and putting on unnecessary weight.”

On their post, Royal Canin also outlines the difference between indoor and outdoor cats and how this can impact activity levels.

“Taking time and care to provide your cat with mental and physical stimulation, whether they’re indoor or outdoor cats, will make sure you’re enriching both their bodies and brains.”

Read the full article with more tips for keeping your cats healthy, on the Royal Canin website!

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