How to: Crate train your dog

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Learning to crate train your dog can be useful for a variety of different things such as, giving your dog a sanctuary and quiet place of their own, or a familiar place for travelling, or a training tool for housebreaking. But that being said, it’s important to know how to properly use crates in your dog’s life to make sure they are a healthy training tool and not a destructive fall-back.

Tips to crate train your dog

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Check out our blog Tips for Successful Crate Training to learn how to make your crate training go smoothly, and be a positive experience for both you, and your pet. Here are just a couple taken from that blog, read the full post for more!

  • Keep the crate close to you: Try to keep the crate somewhere near you while you’re home, like the living room, next to your bed at night, or in a central room of the house. This will encourage your dog to go into its crate without feeling isolated or lonely.
  • Give your dog some incentive: If your pup is hesitant about setting foot in its crate, leave some treats inside throughout the day and praise your pet when it goes inside the crate. It’s important to build a positive association with the crate, which is why you should never push or force your dog inside.
  • Don’t leave your dog alone in its crate before it’s ready: Leaving your dog alone in its crate before it’s comfortable can build a negative association. The first time you close the crate door, you should stay in the same room. Eventually you can work your way up to leaving the room and eventually leaving the house. Introduce each step gradually and for short periods of time.
  • The crate is your dog’s space: Explain to everyone – young children and adults alike,  that the dog’s crate is its private space. Children should not be allowed to play in the crate. No one should be allowed to handle the dog while it’s inside the crate.

Your dog’s crate should always be a positive place for him, and not a form of punishment. Read the rest of the tips and more, on the FULL blog post.



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