How to: Dog Park Etiquette for you and your dog!

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Dog parks can be a great place to socialize your dog and to meet other dog owners in the area. But did you know there’s a proper dog park etiquette that should be followed when enjoying some fun-time with your furbabies?!

dog park
Photo by Benpershouse.

Here are a few tips that might come in handy during your time at the dog park:

Dog Park TIPS!

  • While many owners at dog parks socialize as much as their dogs, it’s important that playing dogs are monitored closely at all times for their own safety.
  • If you are in the park and see new visitors arrive, discourage your dog from “rushing” the new dog at the gate. Call your dog to you and give him a pet before sending him off to greet the newcomers.
  • Understand your dog’s body language and watch for signs of stress which indicate that he has had enough. Yawning, licking, turning away/turning of the head, laying down, freezing in place, and walking slowly may be some indicators that he wants a break.

For more useful tips and to help make your pet’s experience at the dog park even better, visit our fact sheet.

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