How to: Horse Ownership

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Cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and horses, oh my!

horse ownership
Peewee and her new owner!

This summer Peewee the Thoroughbred got a lot of attention as a horse that had been with us for over 2 years. Thankfully, she was adopted into a forever loving home!

We thought you might like to know what actually goes into caring for a horse, so here are some tips for you to consider!


While it can be easy to fall for a beautiful face like Peewee’s, we recommend considering the following points:

Adequate facilities. Do you you currently live on a farm or suitable property? If not, be sure your municipal bylaws allow livestock, or you have access to horse boarding stables.

Veterinary care. Are you familiar with horse health, and have a local veterinarian that has experience with horses? Horses require regular vet care to address deworming, vaccinations against disease and dental maintenance annually.

Feet trimming. Equine feet are best kept healthy by a blacksmith. Feet trimming is typically done every 6-8 weeks to stay healthy and strong.

Nutrition. Thoroughbred horses like Peewee have specific nutritional needs, especially during the colder months when pasture grass is limited due to Ontario’s chilly winters.

Riding experience. If you are planning on riding your adopted horse, we advise you ask details beforehand on that horse’s experience with riders and what kind of things you can expect.

With all of these things in mind, you may be on your way to adopting a horse like Peewee! Thanks again to everyone who spread the word on social media to find Peewee an owner. It certainly paid off!

We hope this post helped you learn about horse ownership!

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