How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

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Dog jumping
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Dogs aren’t exactly shy about wanting their presence known, and when it comes to getting your attention, nothing is more effective than jumping on you!

The trickiest part about discouraging dogs from jumping on you is how easy it is to send mixed messages. When training a dog not to jump, our natural response is to push the dog away or give a command to stop, but to your dog, the physical and verbal contact means he’s successfully gotten your attention.

So how do you discourage your dog from jumping on you?

Do a 180: When you see your dog getting ready to jump on you, quickly turn around. Once your dog has all four paws back on the ground, turn around and reward your pup with praise.

Create a distraction: If you have company coming over, you can keep your dog busy by calling out “Find your toy!” When your dog comes back with its toy, reward your pet with play and attention.

Practice the sit command: Next time your dog approaches you, give the sit command. This is also a great technique when going for a walk. Next time you see someone approaching, ask your dog to sit and eventually your dog will learn to greet people by sitting instead of jumping.

Teach the “off” command: If your dog is getting ready to jump on you, say “off” and take two steps back. That way your dog’s paws will naturally fall back to the ground without any physical contact.

For more ways to manage your dog’s jumping, including training activities you can play together, visit our fact sheet.