Hunter Gets a Second Chance

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Hunter’s story!

On Friday March 8,2013,  the Ontario SPCA Midland & District Branch received many calls about a husky with a blue leash running at large in the town of Port McNicoll.  Several individuals attempted to catch him to keep him from harm’s way, but had little success.  Later that day,  it was reported that the same dog was found hit by a vehicle near First Avenue and Talbot Street.  Although the dog was injured and in distressed, he left the scene before anyone could contain him.

Hunter pre-surgery (3)
Hunter getting ready to go into surgury.
Hunter recuperating after surgery.
Hunter recuperating after surgery.

It wasn’t until later that evening, this poor injured dog gave up his will to run and was retrieved by an OPP officer who immediately brought him to North Simcoe Vet Services for an assessment.  This husky, whose tail did not stopped wagging and was nothing short of being a sweetheart, had a broken/ fractured left front leg.   It was decided that surgery would be the best option for this loving boy.  Pins were inserted, repairs were done, medication was administered, and after some recovery time and plenty of care from the staff and volunteers, Hunter was ready for adoption.

As of April 29th, Hunter has being adopted and is starting his new adventure in life!  Success stories like Hunter’s are made possible thanks to the support of our generous donors, event fundraisers and volunteers.

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