Incredible dog travels 1,770 km with cyclists

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The story of Xiao Sa, a special little mixed-breed dog without a home, started in the town of Kangding and ended up in Lhasa (Tibet).

Xaio Sa or “Little Sa” was adopted by one of the cyclists!

The group of friends who had recently graduated comprised the cycling team, who had stopped to take a break on their journey. It was in Kangding that they noticed a small, dirty dog lying on the street near them. Feeling bad for her, they fed her some of their meal. As the team packed up and mounted their bikes to continue their journey, they quickly noticed their new friend, catching up behind them!

She followed the team for a total of 24 days, climbing 10 mountains with extreme altitudes. The team was so inspired by her dedication and pluck that at the end of their journey, one of them decided to adopt her and flew her back to his home town.

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