Keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween!

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We all know what a fun time of year Halloween can be, for pets and people alike! Dressing your furry friend in an adorable costume or making spooky and delicious pet goodies (hey, why should the kids get all the tasty treats?) is part of the fun. While we want everyone to have a great time, heads up pet parents! We want to give you some reminders on pet safety to make sure your pet has fun and safe evening too.

Remember, not all pets like being dressed up!

While many people may enjoy sharing dinner scraps with their pet, Halloween is especially not a good time to share. Whether it’s candy, gum or chocolate, there are NO safe Halloween candies for pets. In addition to upsetting your pet’s stomach that could cause diarrhea or vomiting, large quantities can be fatal. Even small quantities (as small as one bite) could get lodged in your pet’s esophagus, causing choking and trouble breathing. Grab your pet’s favourite treat from the pet store, or make some unique treats that are safe for your pet instead. Better safe than sorry!

Does your pet love visitors? Then Halloween must drive them up the wall with excitement. The doorbell is ringing and the doorway is filled with kids as monsters, superheroes and princesses. Time for your pet to investigate? Nope! Even the most well-behaved dog or cat can be overly excited by the doorway activity, particularly when the visitors look especially unusual.  Many pets can get confused or upset with all the activity, especially pets who feel protective of their house or pet parent. To avoid pets scooting out the door or getting nervous, keep them in a quieter part of the house with their favourite bed, toys and water.

As you browse the aisles at your local pet store or shop online for this year’s latest and greatest pet costume, remember that like people, some pets do or don’t like dressing up. If your pet bites at their costume, has trouble breathing or struggles to get out of it, skipping the costume is a better idea. Pets can panic and cause injury to themselves or others. Never keep a costume on for extended periods of time, and be sure to frequently check that it fits correctly, doesn’t restrict breathing or movement and their ability to go to the bathroom.

Lastly, decorating the house to get into the spirit of Halloween is lots of fun but be aware of items that may be harmful to your pet. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds can cause stomach upset if ingested, and if lit with a candle, be a fire hazard if your curious cat or inquisitive dog. Keep all electrical wires well out of reach as well as decorations and items that may be appealing to your pet.

Have a great Halloween, and if you have any fantastic or adorable Halloween pictures, come visit us on Facebook and share them on our wall. Happy Halloween everyone!


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