Learning to trust again: Ham Ham’s rehabilitation story

by | Happy Tails |

When Ham Ham came into our care, his personality didn’t fit his cute name. The five-year old Cockapoo was scared, lunging at everyone who came near him. When a man approached, his nervous body language quickly escalated into frantic barking and attempts to bite.

After spending some time observing Ham Ham, our animal behaviour specialists determined Ham Ham was suffering from fear aggression, and was particularly fearful of new people. What caused such a sweet dog to end up like this we will never know, but one thing was certain – he needed our help to unleash the sweet little dog hiding inside this frightened shell.

One-on-one care makes all the difference

What Ham Ham needed was a quiet space to reduce his stress and anxiety, and someone he could trust to be his friend. Working one-on-one with Ham Ham at his own pace, we slowly gained his trust through positive reinforcement and patience. Even his fear of men began to subside. By letting Ham Ham approach when he felt comfortable, he was soon snuggling in his caretaker’s lap.

Ham Ham starts to heal

After weeks of intensive rehabilitation, a new dog began to emerge – one that was energetic and wanted to play. Outside playtime became a very important part of Ham Ham’s behavioural development, as it not only provided exercise but also allowed for fun interactions with animal care team members.

Now Ham Ham has a family who loves him. He has settled into his new life and is proof that every underdog deserves a second chance.

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