Licking Into Shape: The Importance of Pet Grooming

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It’s not all vanity! Your pet needs grooming just as much as you do, for not only visual effects, but also for their physical and mental wellbeing!

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Pet Grooming

Reasons grooming is important

  • In the wild, canine and feline species use grooming as a social tool and a way to positively interact with their pack or pride: Canines will often chew on natural objects which helps with oral care, while felines will use trees or other hard objects to sharpen their nails.
  • Solitary pets in homes rely on their owners to fill that social void and the benefits grooming provides for them.
  • Regular grooming will help you find any lumps or injuries that may need veterinary attention.

How to do it

  • Don’t procrastinate! Be proactive and schedule time for grooming.
  • Keep is short – ensuring it’s an enjoyable experience for both of you.
  • There are many brushes to choose from, try a few out or ask for advice from other pet owners to find one your pet enjoys!
  • Always make sure your cat has access to a scratching post so they are free to sharpen their claws
  • Some vets recommend keeping up with oral care as well. Talk to your vet about products and methods to use before attempting this at home.

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