Ontario SPCA Collaborates With City of Markham for Feral Cat TNR Project

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We’re happy to report that 11 cats were successfully trapped, spayed/neutered, recovered and released as a result of the project.

TNR is the most effective method of maintaining managed stable feral cat colonies.On March 29th, the Ontario SPCA collaborated with the City of Markham for a feral cat trap-neuter-return (TNR) project. The goal of this event was to trap as many feral cats from known colonies in the Markham area and have them spayed and neutered, ear-tipped, vaccinated and microchipped and then released back to their colonies.

One of the cats that came in had a “frostbitten” tail. He is now gone to his caretaker’s home for a week of care and treatment before being released back into his colony. Another cat developed a tooth abscess overnight and was treated by our staff. He will also be cared for by his caretaker before being released back into his colony.

Thank you to everyone for all of their hard work leading up to the event, during the event and afterwards! You were all a vital part in making this project a huge success!