Ontario SPCA delivering over 200,000 lbs of food for hungry animals thanks to Nutram donation

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We have more than 200,000 reasons to celebrate! That’s how many pounds of pet food are headed North to feed hungry animals. 

To help keep furry bellies full this winter, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society has partnered with Nutram Pet Products for the No Empty Bowls feeding mission to distribute over 200,000 lbs of pet food to underserved communities across Ontario. The pet food donation is the largest the Society has received to date! 

The Ontario SPCA has delivered over 100,000 lbs of pet food to distribution hubs in Eastern and Central Ontario, which is being distributed through food banks and communities in need of support for their local animals. The other half of the pet food is on its way to distribution hubs in Dryden and Thunder Bay. From there, community partners will help distribute the pet food where it is needed most in areas across Northern Ontario, including remote communities.  

Read more about The Ontario SPCA’s Northern initiatives. 

Keeping animals with families who love them 

Access to pet food can be a challenge in underserved communities, particularly in remote areas of Northern Ontario where food can be costly and difficult to obtain. Food banks across the province also depend on pet food. As part of the Ontario SPCA’s ongoing community support services, the pet food distribution will help to keep animals with the families who love them, so people don’t have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their furry family members. 

“With rising food prices, and winter posing challenges to get supplies to remote communities, this pet food will help ensure more animals have access to quality food,” says Jennifer Bluhm, Vice President, Community Outreach Services, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. “We are grateful for Nutram’s support, which has allowed us to help even more animals at this critical time of year.” 

“We’ve been so fortunate to work alongside the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society to bring our nutrition into communities in need of support,” says Heather McKay, Brand Manager, Nutram Pet Products. “With their community reach, we’ve been able to donate over 2.3 million meals to pets in need during this winter season.” 

Long-time supporters make dreams come true 

Special thanks to long-time Ontario SPCA supporters Elaine and Lloyd, who made a very generous donation to help transport the food to Northern Ontario and cover storage fees. Over the last several years, the pair has been extremely generous supporting animal transfers, the Provincial Dog Rehabilitation Centre campaign, purchased new animal transport equipment (Casey & Roxy’s ride) and have been matching gift donors for some of the organization’s most successful fundraising appeals.  

Elaine and Lloyd are dear and wonderful friends to the animals and we are very grateful. By coming together, we can deliver over 1 million meals for Northern animals who might have otherwise gone hungry.  

To learn more about the Ontario SPCA’s community support services, visit https://ontariospca.ca/what-we-do/community-support-services/   

The Ontario SPCA does not receive annual government funding and relies on donations to provide programs and services to help animals in need. To learn more, or to donate, visit ontariospca.ca  


Thank you so much for all you do

Thank you so much for all you do every day to rescue animals in need. I can’t imagine the terrible situations that you see every day.  It is great that you have the heart to help. Keep up the good work.