Ontario SPCA’s Feline-ality Program

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I was flipping through channels one rainy day, looking for some interesting pet-related programming (there is nothing like cuddling up with your furry companion indoors!) and came across a new television show called “Pick a Puppy”. The show follows people and families as they learn about three different dog breeds. They examine the needs of the family and help them meet breeders in their area, to learn more about the breeds and meet the puppies. At the end of each episode, the hosts meets with the new pet parent(s) and discusses why they picked the breed they selected.

While this is an interesting way for people to learn more about the dog breeds discussed, it is the process of examining your lifestyle in order to match it with the personality of your future pet will help create a lasting bond. But what if you are more interested in a mature or mixed-breed pet that needs a home? Or how about providing a loving, caring family for a pet that has been abandoned or neglected?

Could you be the purr-fect match for Jules?

The Ontario SPCA has adopted the ASPCA’s incredibly successful Meet Your Match® “Feline-ality” program, which uses personality assessments to match cats who are under SPCA care with potential owners. The cats are assessed by shelter staff, who interact with them on a daily basis. They are then assigned a colour code that indicates their personality type. Future adoptive parents are also asked to fill out a brief questionnaire, which are also colour-coded. Once you learn your colour code, you are free to browse the shelter. Animal housing reflects the colour of the cat inside, which makes it easy to identify which pets you would get along with best.

Adoptive pet parents are not limited to the cats that match their colors; they are welcome to meet and learn more about any particular cat that may catch their eye. Naturally, pet owners who have participated in the Meet Your Match® have reported high levels of satisfaction with their new colour-coded family member.

To learn more about this great program, visit the Meet Your Match webpage. Stayed tuned for the canine version of the program, Meet Your Match® “Canine-ality” coming soon!


Thank you for your dedication

Thank you for your dedication to helping the animals.  Every animal deserves a loving home and to be treated royally.  Just imagine a day without animal cruelty.  What a wonderful day that would be!