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With the heat wave that’s been upon us this week – many of us may be heading out to the beach, cottage, or pool to cool down! Before you do that though, here are some important tips you need to know about spending time with your pets near water. Check out this information from our blog, Water Safety Tips for Your Pet.

Water Safety Tips

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    Just keep swimming?: Not all dogs are good swimmers! Don’t assume your dog will be fine if you push them in, and never leave your dog unsupervised by any body of water.

  • Sunburn watch: Heat from the sun tends to be more intense around water, so it’s important to watch your dog for signs of sunburn or heat stroke.
  • Safety first: Buying your dog a lifejacket is also very important! Dogs can get cramps, just like we can, or they can get tired too far from shore. Even if a strong swimmer, there may be a strong current, and you can’t always know your dog’s stamina.
  • Know your own strength: Remember that your dog will be much heavier when being pulled out of the water than on land, so if you’re out on a boat, make sure you know you can pull your dog back in if they fall out!
  • Careful on sand: Hot sand can blister your dog’s paws, so keep them off of it as much as possible.
  • Leaving collars behind: Take your dog’s collar off before they go swimming. This will keep them from snagging or getting it caught on underwater plants or branches. Also watch out for hazards around your dog that they may be missing!
  • Freshwater is crucial: When by a pool or lake, have a source of freshwater nearby. There are chemicals in pools that can cause your pet a stomachache, and in lakes there are parasites that can cause vomiting, and diarrhea, among other health issues.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be one step closer to keeping your dog safe and healthy this summer!

No Excuses. No Hot Pets.

If you’re taking your pet anywhere with you this weekend, remember that leaving them in a vehicle unattended is incredibly unsafe. In the summer heat, cars can quickly read deadly temperatures. This is even on mild days with the car in the shade and the windows slightly open.

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