Pets and Vomit

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The other day, I was sitting at my computer when Jersey wandered over. Without any ceremony or warning, she lowered her head and threw up a dinner’s worth of food. I jumped up and shoo’ed her outside, worried she was going to have repeat projectile.

As I cleaned up the mess, I began to worry she had eaten something she shouldn’t have. Perhaps it was the recent change of food that irritated her stomach? Could she have picked up a sickness while at her recent stay at her doggy daycare?

I monitored her health throughout the rest of the day, and was concerned to see she was lethargic and still throwing up small amounts of food and bile. She was clearly feeling under the weather and lethargic. There was no spring in her step, she was not interested in playing (inside with toys or outside in the snow), did not go out of her way to be around us and spent most of the time sleeping

With any species, dehydration can cause a variety of serious organ problems and eventually death. Not willing to wait any longer to see if the situation resolved itself, I contacted my vet to find out what they recommended.

Always talk to your vet if you have concerns about your sick dog

The vet felt that she was not in any immediate danger. We had removed her dog food and replaced it with small quantities of cooked rice given in multiple meals throughout the day and she was still drinking water. Jersey’s veterinarian suggested that we could attempt to mix in some rice with her regular dry food and see if she could stomach that the following day. If not and her vomiting continued, she would need to go in for a health check-up so they could run some diagnostics.

Thankfully, Jersey was gobbling up the dog food/rice mixture, and was clearly regaining her strength. Within the next two days, we eliminated the rice in her food and she was feeling like herself again.

With Jersey’s inquisitive nature and love of chasing squirrels, it was certainly possible she had ingested something that did not agree with her. I did not rule out the change of food (which is typically done gradually through mixing in the new food with the old, and then eventually reducing the amount of old food), I will be sure to be more careful next time with the quantities.

While pet vomit is certainly no fun to deal with, it is something all pet owners need to monitor to ensure it is not indicative of more serious problems.